Wednesday, November 30, 2005


copyright © 08/05/05 Dot Matthews

Dot's Doohickey
Dot's Doohickey
Dot's Doohickey Dot's Doohickey
Dot's Doohickey
2 oz, 113 yards, Worsted Weight Yarn (scraps are good)

K hook, or any size you like

Empty Pill Bottle, or Paper Clip dispenser, or any small bottle

not important for this project

sc - single crochet
ch - chain,
sl - slip stitch
ea - each

Skill - intermediate - just because it might be a bit awkward doing the potholder stitch.
This pattern is done using Helena's Potholder Stitch, which is simply a single crochet worked in different loops than normal. Instead of inserting your hook thru the top 2 loops of the single crochet, you insert your hook thru the back loop of stitch, and the unworked loop of the stitch in the row below. Then yarn over and pull yarn thru and complete the single crochet as usual. This will create a very thick, spongy fabric.

Make a chain as long as your bottle is tall. In this pattern here's how I did mine.
ROW 1: ch 9, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea st to end. ch 1, turn (8 sc)
ROW 2: working in back loops only, and bottom loops of chain on previous row, sc in ea st across. ch 1, turn (8 sc)
TIP: Your fabric will seem all bunched
up and not feel right. Keep going! Give it a chance!

ROW 3: working in back loops only, and unworked loops of previous row, sc in ea st across. ch 1, turn (8 sc)

Repeat row 3 until strip measures 26"

Fasten off, leaving a very long tail for sewing.

Fold one end up so the bottle will fit snuggly inside, whip stitch across end to secure.

Roll strip up, like a jelly roll, and whip stitch other end to secure.

Following the spiral of the rolled up strip, whip stitch around the bottom.

Fasten off and weave in ends.